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The forest area in the Philippines has greatly reduced over the years. this has harmed the Philippine Eagle Population and other wildlife. Our project aims to combat climate change and protec wildlife. We'll do these by planting trees and providing livelihood for the communities. 

A 250 pesos donation plants one tree. it covers nursery care, planting, and maintenance. 

The Project has set up a database tracking system. Adopters get updates on their plants. They can log in to check their trees. Track your trees here: Threemilliontrees.com/track

"Prevention is better than cure". This could have been true decades ago. But with the rapid decline of forests, prevention is not enough. We need to start restoring the forests that were lost. We must plant more trees. 

Philippine Eagles need forests to survuve. Planting trees help them by improving their habitats and food sources. This is vital for their population's health and growth. 

Many areas serve as recognized nesting sites for Philippine Eagles (PEs). These locations also fall within the ancestral domains of Indigenous Peoples (IPs), who play a crucial role as guardians of the forests where PEs flourish. Additional sites will be identified as the project progresses.

Our partner communities, mostly Indigenous People (IP), will care for your tress. They are trained in planting and tree care. To further strengthen the benefit, we will also plant fruit trees. This will create sustainable household income for our partner communities. 

We will plant native and endemic trees only. These are trees that naturally thrive in our country. 

Saving Eagles. Protecting Forests. Securing our Future.

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