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What is Planting For The Future?

 The Philippine Eagle conservation efforts “Planting for the Future” Campaign is a new reforestation initiative in partnership with Globe. The program aims to support Philippine eagle conservation efforts by restoring their forest habitats and empowering local communities.


Your trust is important to us. With our tracking system, you can monitor the progress of your trees.

Community Capacity Building

Collaborate with IP communities and provide trainings to various aspects of reforestation operations as the workforce for the project creating job opportunities.

Holistic Approach

Aside from planting native trees, we will plant commercially-valuable trees that will provide sustainable livelihood for our host IP communities.



Our Services


Nursery Care

Seedlings sourced from partner communities will be nurtured by our nursery technician until they reach a meter in height and are transplant-ready.

Site Preparation

For optimal growth, we maintain a 2 by 2 planting distance, weed removal prevents competition, and we use site-specific techniques like modified mounding in water-logged areas.


The project follows a planting protocol: sun-loving species in open areas, shade-loving trees in partially shaded spots, and water-tolerant species in water-logged areas. We also mix tree species for biodiversity.


Our IP communities will care for your trees with tasks like weeding, pruning, climber cutting, propping, and bracing. We’ll replace dead plants with new, healthy seedlings.


Our dedicated Planting for the Future Monitoring Web tool will track tree progress. IP partners will be trained to identify plants and record GPS coordinates, tree height, and diameter.


Through our “Planting for the Future” database, tree parents can track their trees’ location and progress from the nursery to the planting site. Updates will be provided based on monitoring frequency.

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